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We are family-owned and operated. We are a fully fabricated in-house manufacturer, and our equipment is assembled using modern welding and state-of-the-art robotic equipment. We allow you to buy directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the middle man and providing quality products with great savings.

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About Warren, Inc.

Warren, Inc. of Collins, Mississippi has manufactured spreaders and dump bodies since January 3, 1993. Warren is proud to continue to serve individuals, commercial companies, and municipalities with all of their spreader, dump body, and other specialized truck equipment needs. We offer a diverse product line of spreaders including: sand or salt ice control spreaders, lime and fertilizer spreaders, litter spreaders, and cross conveyor spreaders. Warren spreaders are available in various sizes to help you find a product that meets your needs. In addition to our spreader product line, Warren manufactures a full line of dump truck bodies and trailers.

Our Products

Litter Spreaders

Chassis Mount and Pull Type Hydraulic powered units that spread lightweight bulky material such as chicken litter, sawdust, shavings, and rice hulls. The LS & LST units incorporate a simple hydraulic power system with a large capacity steel hopper for profitable and long life operation.

Lime/fertilizer spreaders

The Warren Accumax Model is built to maximize your spread pattern. Uniquely engineered, the spinner discs and deflectors work together to provide an accurate and controlled even spread of lime or your choice of fertilizer. The Warren WFT Unit is available in a 3, 6, and 7 ton models.

specialty spreaders

Warren offers a variety of tailgate spreaders to assist in road repairs. Gravity Feed Tailgate Spreaders, as well as Hydraulic Under Tailgate Cross Conveyor spreaders assist crews with distributing materials in a precise manner.

Warren Inc. carries an extensive selection of inventory at all of our locations throughout the southeast. Be sure to ask us about our used and demonstrated spreaders.


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